Pleasant Journey Used Cars in Northampton, MA has been the Pioneer Valley's premier used car dealer for over 30 years. We renew high quality pre-owned vehicles and sell them at low, no-haggle prices. Browse our inventory now!
Here's 5 reasons you should buy your next car from us:

1) Pleasant Journey Certified takes the used out of used cars.

  • Our 163-point certification process renews our used vehicles.
  • We give the longest warranty of any used car dealer:
    • 7 year / 100,000 mile Powertrain Warranty
      Limited warranty on powertrain, including engine & transmission, from in-service date.
    • 12 month / 12,000 mile Comprehensive Warranty
      Limited warranty on all mechanical and electrical parts from purchase date.
  • Free AutoCheck vehicle history reports. We only sell cars with clean titles.
  • We encourage pre-sale inspections by your independent mechanic.
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163-point inspection sheet
Hyundai Sonata

2) Our sales team is philosophically opposed to traditional car sales.

  • An information-driven sales process means more problem-solving and less arm-twisting.
  • No negotiation, no "Let me talk to my manager", no pressure.
  • Talk to real people, not victims of sales training.
  • 5-day Exchange Program, in case you've made a huge mistake.
  • Prices clearly listed on our inventory list.

3) Bottom-line, no-haggle pricing.

  • No negotiation. The price is right from the start.
  • Bottom-line pricing. We have:
    • No doc fees. ($400 at competitors.)
    • No loan "origination" or "acquisition" fee. ($650 at competitors.)
    • No "adjusted market value" fees.
  • Value-added services and features included with every car:
    • Two keys included! (Today's keys cost up to $400.)
    • Every car comes with high-quality all-season tires and OEM brake pads and rotors with lots of life left.
    • Factory maintenance (even timing belts) is completed before sale at no extra charge.
  • The price on our inventory list is the price you pay.
Prius for Easthampton used car buyers
We'll help you with financing, registration, and other paperwork right here in Northampton

4) Financing available through local credit unions.

  • It's tough to save $10,000-$20,000 for a truly reliable car.
  • Pleasant Journey can connect you with a low-rate car loan through local credit unions.
  • Unlike our competitors, our finance department is not a profit center.
  • Credit applications can be completed and approved right here, with no need to visit a bank.
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5) Trade-in or sell us your car- any age, mileage, or condition.

  • Appraisals take about 20 minutes.
  • You get the same value whether you are trading for one of our vehicles or just selling us your car.
  • Whether it's a junker or a recent model that's not working for you, we'll buy it.
  • Seriously, we'll buy any model, any age, any condition. Bring your title for fastest turnaround!
Sell us your 86 Tercel, 92 Corolla Wagon, or 13 Prius in any condition
We sell hybrids and used electric cars to Amherst, Northampton, and Brattleboro customers

Bonus: Expert knowledge of low-emission, fuel-efficient electrics and hybrids.

  • Our top seller is the partial zero-emissions, high-MPG Toyota Prius.
  • We're experts on gas-electric hybrids like Prius, Highlander Hybrid, and Fusion Hybrid.
  • Our sales team and service technicians have tons of experience with electric and gas-electric hybrid powertrains.
  • Between environmental friendliness and major saving on gas, we think these new technologies are the way forward.

Interested in a car? Any other questions? Get in touch!

Let us know what you're interested in, how soon you plan to buy, how you heard about us, and any other questions.

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